Wine Gadgets as well as the even Cool gadgets


Just a few months ago a roommate of mine was ordering me about an other wine preservation gadget. He or she suggested that I get out the new Epicurean Preservation System EPS. “My Vacu Vin works solely fine,” I insisted. Reluctantly, I moved forward considering this challenge, wondering on that time why I do was doing this. The way a sommelier and bottle writer, I am typically asked to review wine beverage and wine related product. Research is a key chemical to further wine educational institutions and any good in print review, so I agreed my friend’s challenge. Write-up contacted the Epicurean Around the world Company presorvav and when I knew it I truly was speaking with Anthony Lemme.

I was any lucky recipient related a short workshop regarding the will benefit of their Epicurean Preservation System in comparison to the features out of the Vacu Vin. According to Mister. Lemme and their organization’s research, “Our evident pending dualaction Rotociprocal EPS vacuum while pressure pump software program is designed of preserve the better taste, color, to aroma of generally wines and the entire sparkle of all the finest champagnes utility to days bigger than open sizes.” Organic wine asked Anthony the activities is the total one sales level of the Epicurean Preservation System “Our product is any first truly costeffective wine preservation kit that actually keeps the fizz within champagne.

The Vacu Vin does not continue to keep the champagne’s fizz,” said Mr. Lemme. At the decision of my interview, we completed each order and just in a few workouts an Epicurean Routine maintenance System was created right to particular PO Box. Following examining the Epicurean Preservation System, A was impressed near the portable, personality contained design involved with this unit. Ones EPS unit when not in get it rests in position in an Air conditioning charger. Accompanying all wine preservation routine are two different types of bottle corks. One type is being used for preserving yet wines and some other is that specially designed baby bottle stopper used suitable for preserving champagne in addition to sparkling wines.

The two Airs bottle stoppers widely used for still red wines offer two options one is a real basic bottle stopper and the different offers a workable pour spout within its design. How the EPS champagne and for sparkling wine beer stopper is produced to screw by means of a champagne product and maintain any kind of a high pressure set you back. The challenge begins! That we am an enormous fan of my husband and my Vacu Vin, and even maybe up in the moment, the actual biggest challenge I do was facing appears to be my own exclusive bias in enjoy of my Vacu Vin. When Post performed side made by side comparisons approximately the Vacu Vin and the Epicurean Preservation System present in preserving still wines, I was in time more impressed of the EPS.