Imagine Smelling Your Favourite TV Show


Living your day to day life you use your five different senses all of the time and are thinking about these constantly in your head, sometimes without realisation. When you come across a certain smell these are especially heightened. This particular sense is perhaps one of the most powerful and used via certain advertising methods. An interesting notion to consider would be a television which produced smells. Not only could you watch all of your favourite shows but this nifty creation could be a treat for your nose as well! It is a surprise in today’s ever advancing world that a TV with smellyvision has not yet been invented.

One day in the future somebody has got to have a go at creating one. When you think about it, such a design would definitely have many positives, especially when watching your favourite cooking program! On the other hand it could have its down sides if you were watching your favourite soap opera that contained many farm yard animals. Imagine just sitting there watching the television and suddenly an advert comes on from your favourite chocolatier and you suddenly get the strong aroma of warm, melted chocolate, it makes me hungry just picturing it never mind smelling Is Tea TV Safe?

The advertising potential from such a notion would be phenomenal. Many people enjoy watching cookery programs but never actually come around to making a note of the recipe and trying it out for themselves. In effect, watching these shows is a total waste of time, although crashing out watching some reality show could be seen as worse! However if fans of TV chef shows had the smells of the fresh bread rising, steak sizzling or a favourite dessert whirling round their living room, it could really spur people on to get creative in the kitchen and whip up some lovely smelling dishes themselves.